Nutrition expert: red jujube longitudinal have “1000 kind good”, but these 3 kinds of people ate, it is bad thing instead


When it comes to jujube, in fact, is what we often say red jujube, is the life of the old and young are suitable for a side dish food, of course, is also a good snack. Of course, many places in life you will see red dates, porridge will be added when eating raw can see, even eat fruit when you will also find red dates figure. For red dates, there are a variety of legends on the market, some people say that eating red dates can supplement iron and blood, some people say that red dates vitamin C content is very high, often eat can resist disease. In fact, for the red dates we also have a certain misunderstanding, for the role of eating red dates to the body, please look at the spectrum.

Eat jujube can fill blood to fill iron?
Generally speaking, the blood tonic in the society refers to improving the number of red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets and other blood indicators in the body by increasing the absorption of some iron elements in the body.

But please note that whether it is fresh jujube or dried red jujube, which contains iron content is not very high, each hundred grams of fresh jujube only contains 5-6 mg of iron, dry jujube content is less, only in 2-4 mg or so.

And red jujube in the iron element is actually non-heme iron, the body for its absorption rate is very low.

Therefore, relying on dates to supplement iron and blood is very unreliable, in fact, it is difficult to achieve.

For iron and blood, choose lean animal meat, blood foods, animal offal, and fresh vegetables (for iron absorption).

It is said that jujube contains more vitamin C, fresh jujube good or dry jujube good?
Relatively speaking, fresh jujube does contain relatively rich vitamin C, generally per hundred grams of fresh jujube contains vitamin C can reach 200 — 500 mg, can reach more than 10 times of kiwi. In addition, fresh jujube also contains a certain amount of rutin substance, for the maintenance of healthy blood pressure has a good effect.

From fresh jujube dried jujube, vitamin C will have a large part of the loss of dry jujube vitamin C supplement is not reliable.

Eat jujube to have what profit to the body everyday?
Supplementary nutrients:
Whether it is fresh jujube or dried jujube, which contain a certain amount of sugar, dietary fiber, vitamin C and other substances, food can be added to the body, this is the most direct benefit of eating red jujube for the body, in addition to the supplement of nutrients can also avoid the corresponding nutrient deficiency problem.

In terms of dose, it has a good antioxidant effect:
Jujube contains a certain amount of vitamin C, regardless of the amount of dose, often eat can have a certain antioxidant effect.

As a healthy snack, it’s a good choice:
Compared with potato chips, sweet drinks and other unhealthy snacks, red dates is a very healthy food, we suggest that you can often eat. It’s also good to have reliable snack options that can reduce the consumption of unhealthy snacks.

In addition, adding red dates in the cooking process can also enrich the flavor of ingredients, increase the smooth dining.

Healthy eating dates, there are some things we need to pay attention to:
High sugar content in jujube, limited consumption:
Red dates, although a healthy snack, you are advised to eat, but consumption must be limited. Because red jujube contains more carbohydrate material, eat too much to bring burden to the body easily, still can injure intestines and stomach even.

According to life experience, it is recommended to eat no more than 8 red dates in one day.

Suitable for the individual, choose reliable way of eating jujube:
If you have no gastrointestinal problems, you can freely choose the way to eat red dates, can be dry chewing, can cook edible.

If your stomach is weak, if you are older, it is recommended to avoid eating raw red dates, to avoid damage to the stomach, it is recommended to steam red dates cooked food.

Not recommended:
Honey jujube or ejiao jujube is not as good as you think, which contains too much sugar, please refuse to eat.

Some people don’t recommend eating dates:
Above all, to itself the crowd that is allergic to jujube should reject edible, avoid to appear all sorts of allergy symptom.

Secondly, if you are in the attack of stomach disease, please reduce or refuse to eat dried dates, to avoid aggravating the condition.

Finally, for patients with hyperglycemia or diabetes mellitus, please eat red dates according to their own blood sugar.

Jujube, whether fresh or dried, is a good food, can be eaten as a snack, but eat to pay attention to details. Refuse rumor edible red jujube, set limit to + depend on form of choice, small red jujube is big nutrition, as please health.


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