Are gallstones “eat”? People who often have these three habits are prone to increase the prevalence rate.


Gallstones are very common diseases in life. After suffering from this disease, you also have to worry about the probability of recurrence. Clinically, the probability of recurrence of gallstones can be as high as 80% to 90%.

Many people think that this kind of illness is “eaten”, especially for people who often do not eat breakfast, they are prone to gallstones. But in fact, this is a long time misunderstanding. There are many reasons for inducing gallstones, but no research has found that eating gallstones can induce gallstones. What bad habits and bad habits are likely to increase the incidence of gallstones?

1, long-term high energy and low fiber diet:

Nowadays, in most families, from the point of view of staple foods, they are mainly based on fine food. It is not rice or gimmicks. Instead, the taste has changed a lot, but the chances of eating whole grains are getting less and less. Even people who eat breakfast eat bread and biscuits.

These are high-energy, low-fiber foods. It is easy to put a burden on the gallbladder for a long time, and at the same time reduce the body’s insulin. Over time, it will increase the chance of gallstones. On the contrary, a good way to prevent gallstones is low energy and high fiber. Try to eat whole grains, the benefits to the body are not only a little bit, but also help everyone to prevent gallstones to a certain extent.

2, long-term high-fat diet:

People nowadays always like to eat big fish and big meat, but have you found that when you have eaten a lot of meat, when the gallbladder has problems, the gallbladder will work very hard to discharge the bile, after encountering the obstacle of the stone.

Next, the pressure inside the gallbladder becomes larger, and abdominal pain occurs. Therefore, when you have eaten fat food, there is a very obvious stomach pain, and you can’t find the reason. You have to wonder if there is a problem with the gallbladder. Be alert to the occurrence of gallstones.

3, eating irregular eating habits:

Some people may not have a meal or two meals in the three meals because of work. If you combine the breakfast meal into a lunch, you should eat it as a meal. But sometimes, in the case of a prosperous time, continue to eat breakfast.

This irregular three-meal habit can also easily affect the bile secretion of bile, making bile easily become a stone. At first, everyone may feel that there is nothing, and the stomach is only a dull pain, but in fact this is already the signal given by the body.


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