No need to be afraid of high uric acid! Doctor reminds: Eat more of these three things, uric acid will drop


Whenever I talk about the topic of “uric acid”, I always have a favorite knowledge. With the gradual improvement of people’s living standards, people have the “fourth high”, yes, its uric acid content is very high. Long-term high uric acid levels may increase the risk of hyperuricemia and gout; therefore, people with higher uric acid need more attention. Scientific uric acid, please choose food and food to eat? What foods are not recommended? Please be rational.

In the case of uric acid, it is a normal metabolite present in the body. Under normal circumstances, the body usually discharges 600 mg of uric acid per day, and the body produces 600 mg of uric acid, which is in equilibrium. However, if a male friend’s uric acid value exceeds 416umol / L, when a female friend’s uric acid value exceeds 357umol / L, it can be diagnosed as hyperuricemia.

When it comes to hyperuricemia, it is actually a “rich disease” that is very relevant to your daily diet. It can also be called a “dietary disease.” To be honest, “exogenous uric acid is derived from the decomposition of substances such as cockroaches in food.” To give a few simple examples, seafood, animal offal and mushrooms are rich in food. It is easy to cause an increase in uric acid after a large amount of food.

High uric acid, which foods can be eaten (drinking) can be reduced?
Drinking plenty of water is the basic means of reducing uric acid:
Adequate drinking water can promote the excretion of uric acid in the body. For people with higher uric acid, it is best to drink 2000 ml of water a day. When you have nothing, drink plenty of water and drink slowly, about 200 ml each time. .

Drinking water is a catalyst for uric acid excretion, especially during hot summer months, before and after exercise, in the morning, before going to bed or after bathing. You should rely on drinking water to reduce the body’s uric acid from drinking water.

Eat more quality “low-lying food”:
When it comes to sputum, the more you consume, the higher the value of uric acid in your body, so you should eat low-lying food in your life.

Specifically, for people with high uric acid, it is recommended to use low-grade foods such as melon, Chinese cabbage, taro, potatoes, cassava, tomatoes, eggplant and apples.

Increase the intake of coarse grains:
Appropriate intake of coarse grains can promote the body’s overall metabolism, promote bowel movements, and prevent constipation. Therefore, it is recommended that you deliberately eat more staple foods such as buckwheat, oatmeal, millet and corn in your life to promote the discharge of uric acid.

In addition, it is recommended that you add green leafy vegetables rich in water, whether it is lettuce or oily vegetables. In addition, ensuring diversified intake of food is still a comprehensive rule that promotes uric acid excretion.

High uric acid, what should I eat?
Eat small meals and control energy, protein and fatty substances. Choose high quality + fine food.
Refuse to eat fat meat, refuse to eat broth, limit seafood consumption, and reduce the intake of sorghum food.
Soy milk can be drunk, eggs can be eaten; other beans should be eaten in limited quantities.
Refuse to drink because your uric acid cannot rise; refuse to eat sweet drinks and refuse to invade all parts of the body.
Drink plenty of water, drink plenty of water, and boil water.
In addition to these, we must exercise properly in life to promote the body’s metabolism; rely on reducing uric acid, please start from the details of life, to avoid problems caused by gout.


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