After playing the mobile phone day and night, there are four characteristics in vitro. Unfortunately, your prostate has been diseased.


Prostatitis, many people may be unfamiliar with this medical term, but in recent years, the incidence of prostatitis has been increasing, many of them are young patients. When it comes to this, many people will ask why young people also suffer from prostate cancer. What about inflammation?

In fact, the prostate has a strong secretory function, but its pipeline is very narrow, which leads to the prostatic hyperplasia and secretion siltation, which creates conditions for infection.

Sexual life is frequent, sedentary, cycling, horse riding, alcoholism, spicy and stimulating diet, cold and cold can cause prostatitis. Many young people usually like to play mobile phones day and night, which is also an important cause of prostatitis.

So, do you know what abnormal signals are there in the body when prostatitis is coming?

First, patients with abnormal urination and prostatitis may develop bladder irritation. Patients may have frequent urination, dysuria, and sometimes dysuria.

Second, sexual dysfunction, prostatitis patients may have decreased libido, may also affect the quality of semen, leading to infertility.

Third, patients with pain, prostatitis may also experience pelvic pain, and sometimes may radiate to the groin, or even to the lower abdomen, sometimes resembling renal colic.

Fourth, neurasthenia, patients with prostatitis, often combined with huge psychological disorders, may have dizziness, insomnia and other abnormal performance, even if the clinical has been cured, patients may still have psychological barriers.

People who play mobile phones for a long time staying up late will not only affect sleep, but also exert more pressure. Because they are always lying, sitting, or urinating for a long time, the prostate is more prone to congestion and bacterial infection, so the natural symptoms of prostatitis are improved. .


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