Keep warm in the summer, be careful with the palace cold


Gong Han is a problem often encountered by many women. Common symptoms include cold hands and feet, frequent urination, delayed menstruation, and dysmenorrhea. In addition to acupuncture, Gong Han also needs to cooperate with the diet to carry out conditioning, and at the same time, it is usually necessary to pay more attention to health care.

Eat warm food
If there is cold in the body, you should eat some warm-filled food to warm the body before you can force the cold out of the body. Among them, red dates, peanuts, walnuts and other foods are very good, you can often eat cockroaches.

Drinking ginger tea
Ginger has helped to warm up and help the body to dispel the cold. Therefore, it is recommended that women drink ginger tea before eating, so that the stomach warms up first, then help the body to resolve the cold food of cold food. The practice is also simple, just put a piece of ginger in the cup, then brew it with boiling water, and drink it hot.

Soaking feet
In summer, many people like to contact hot water, but in order to drive away the problem of palace cold, it is recommended that women should use traditional Chinese medicine bubble feet in the summer. For example, prepare some ingredients such as cinnamon, wormwood and pepper, add it to the pot and add water to boil. After boiling, remove the material and use the soup to soak the feet.


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