“Breakfast is gold” is very important, three kinds of breakfast are very unhealthy, but many people have recruited


Many people are increasingly aware that if they want a healthy body, they have to eat breakfast on time. Otherwise, it is likely to reduce immunity, worsen the gastrointestinal tract, increase the risk of gallstones, and cause three highs. So many people are trying to change themselves and start to insist on eating breakfast every day.

Then, let’s give you a list of three common breakfast mistakes. I hope you will stop doing this in the future:

  1. No fruits or vegetables can be seen at breakfast:

Every place has its own traditional breakfast, but unfortunately, it is basically based on pasta and meat. At best, add some egg milk and dessert, and you can’t see vegetables and fruits at all. This can’t blame everyone, because our country’s diet has always been like this, and many people go out to buy breakfast, they can’t buy fruits and vegetables at all.

This kind of breakfast can only guarantee the intake of protein, carbohydrates and fat. It can really make you full, and it may also make you enjoy it, but it lacks the intake of vitamins and dietary fiber. Both of these substances are indispensable for a healthy diet.

Therefore, it is recommended that you prepare some fruits and vegetables every morning. If you have breakfast outside, you can bring your own. Even if there are only a few saints, a cucumber, or an apple, it is very good.

2, breakfast is too greasy:

There are many delicious breakfasts in our country, which are actually fried foods, such as fritters, oil cakes and noodles. But if you eat too many of these things, it is likely to cause obesity. Everyone knows that as long as a person gets fat, many chronic diseases will find you, such as high blood pressure and high blood fat.

In addition, some people may eat some other high-fat foods for breakfast, such as some peanut butter and chocolate sauce on the bread, or eat some biscuits directly. In fact, the same as fried foods, it is also harmful to health.

3, breakfast is too salty:

Many people especially like to eat mustard, pickles and salted duck eggs in the morning, and then with a bowl of porridge, a breakfast will be done. But the dietitian in the Explosive Nutrition Class reminds everyone that such a breakfast is not only low in nutritional value, but also makes it easy for your salt intake to exceed the standard throughout the day.

Everyone knows that the salt intake of our people is generally exceeding the standard, which has also led us to become a “high blood pressure country.” Therefore, it is recommended that everyone should strictly control the intake of salt when eating breakfast. If you eat too much, you should reduce the intake of salt in Chinese food and dinner.


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