Cancer is eaten, this kind of food is best not to eat, nutrition is destroyed, but nourish cancer cells


What to eat for breakfast, see the fritters shop, many people can not help but want to buy one, what to eat Chinese food, full of fast food restaurants in the streets, all kinds of fried chicken, French fries, etc., can definitely cause your appetite.

But the problem is, often eating fried foods, is it really good for health?

In fact, if you expect fried foods to bring you rich nutrition, then you can make a big mistake. This is because in high temperature environment, whether it is vitamins, protein or trace elements. It has been destroyed by high temperature, so the food itself does not have much nutritional value. Some merchants tend to stick to it in order to be self-sufficient, and fat is also a nutrient for human beings.

However, the fat contained in fried foods is definitely higher than normal, and people who regularly eat such foods are not only prone to fat, but also cause elevated blood lipids, diabetes and coronary heart disease.

But is it just the hazard?

Of course not. Let’s go out to eat fried food. Maybe the ingredients are fresh, but the oil can’t be disposable. For example, fritters, a small stall, you can sell dozens or even hundreds of fritters in one morning, but the oil However, it has not been changed, and some stalls are used up today. In the process of repeated use, the oil is decomposed continuously under high temperature, and it is easy to produce carcinogens. It is generally believed that it is fried under repeated high temperature. Food, it is easy to produce a substance called benzopyrene, which is a recognized carcinogen.

Therefore, often eat fried foods, you actually do not get any nutrients, but will nourish cancer cells.

First, in real life, which ones are fried foods?

A variety of fritters, oil cakes, fried dough, as well as a variety of fast food, French fries, fried bread, fried chicken wings and so on.

Second, don’t let fried food affect your child.

Deep-fried foods, crispy and delicious, can increase appetite. Many adults can hardly resist his temptation, let alone children, but if children are too young to start to get fried food, it is not only easier to suffer from childhood obesity, when grown up, This food will be less resistant and the risk of cancer is greatly increased.


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