Frequently eating MSG will lose hair? You may not know the three truths about MSG.


In life, when people think that the taste of food is light, they will put in salt. I feel that the taste of a dish is not enough to attract people, but also to put MSG and chicken essence. When I said this, many people began to refute. The saying about MSG all came to mind. It was said that eating MSG often lost hair. It is said that eating MSG will cause cancer, and that MSG cannot be heated.

1, often eat MSG will cause cancer?

In the past few years, there has been a saying that eating MSG will cause cancer. In fact, for this rumor, you don’t have to care. At the earliest time, people already knew the safety of MSG. In the World Health Organization, MSG was regarded as a safe food.

2, often eat MSG will lose hair?

Don’t be rumored to lie. MSG and chicken essence, their composition is very similar, the main substance is sodium glutamate, but one of the ingredients that chicken essence is more than MSG is chicken powder. Using the fermentation process of the microorganisms, the final result is a MSG that can enhance the aroma of the food.

Some people say that eating MSG will cause hair loss when eaten more. First of all, hair loss itself is a normal physiological phenomenon, especially for people with long hair, it is normal to drop a few or dozens of roots every day. Secondly, there are many factors that cause hair loss, including physiological factors, disease factors, age factors, psychological factors and so on. Finally, hair loss will also increase the number of hair loss because of people’s smudges, long-term hot hair dyeing, etc.

3. MSG cannot be heated?

Some people say that after MSG is heated, it is not only tasteless but also poisonous. One thing is correct for this point of view. When MSG is heated to 120 degrees Celsius or above, there will be no taste and no umami taste. This is because sodium glutamate, which is a savory ingredient in MSG, produces sodium pyroglutamate, and the umami taste loses its effect.

Finally, don’t forget that although MSG is non-toxic and not carcinogenic, the amount of food consumed per day should not exceed 30 ml per kilogram of body weight. Give everyone a list. If your weight is 45 kg, then the amount of MSG you eat that day should not exceed 1.35g.


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