Ginger is small and widely used. People who suffer from these diseases can’t miss it.


Whether it is used as a cooking ingredient or as a medicine, ginger has a wide range of functions. Although ginger is warm, its most important role is to phlegm and dampness, warming and nourishing, nourishing the stomach and removing phlegm, and it can also solve some fish poisonous crab poison. Little ginger can be said to have a wide range of effects. Ginger can also cure many stubborn diseases, which makes most people not miss the effect of ginger.

Ginger is good for treating cough. Ginger eventually returns to the lungs, which means that it has a certain nourishing effect on the lungs. People with lung problems, such as cold lungs and lungs, can cause symptoms of coughing, and many people regard coughing as a minor illness, usually without taking measures, or not going to the hospital to seek cure. But in fact, to cure the symptoms of cold and cough, you can also start from the usual food supplement, and slowly cure these symptoms. Ginger can be combined with dried tangerine peel and fried with dried tangerine peel. Taking ginger and tangerine peel water has a certain healing effect on cough and other symptoms.

When you eat some cold foods, such as fish, shrimps and crabs, you can also cook with ginger, which can dissolve the coldness in food to a certain extent.

Ginger is good for treating stomach cold and vomiting. Ginger also belongs to the stomach and has a good maintenance effect on the stomach and digestive system. Some people have indigestion, stomach deficiency and spleen deficiency, loss of appetite in summer, and nausea and nausea in winter. At this time, it is necessary to eat some nourishing food to maintain the spleen and stomach. When cooking normally, you can add more ginger. Ginger can not only get rid of cockroaches, but also enhance people’s appetite. It is not easy to have vomiting reaction after eating.

If the symptoms of vomiting are serious, you may wish to take one or two cups of ginger with water. Ginger water can warm the stomach and nourish the stomach, playing a very good nourishing effect.

Ginger attending a cold and cold. People with cold body are also accompanied by symptoms such as qi deficiency and blood deficiency. They are not easy to sweat, and the toxins are difficult to discharge, and the cold is more difficult. Usually put more ginger when cooking, can play the role of blood and qi, can gradually strengthen the body yang, help the body more vulnerable to wind and other diseases. If you have a small amount of sweat when you have a cold, you can use ginger and brown sugar to drink water. Drink a few mouthfuls and you will feel the heat flow through the body. Soon there will be a slight sweating feeling. Sweating is also the main way to detoxify the body. More sweat, cold and cold naturally healed quickly.


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