I often eat fruit kernels. Will it be poisoned by food? Eat fruit every day, you need to know


In the summer, there are more types of fruits on the market, such as melons that are very popular every summer, and now there are strawberries, pineapples, cherries, and cherries. If it is okay to encounter foods without fruit cores, for most fruits with fruit cores, such as real life, people are exposed to more apple fruit cores, cherry fruit cores, pear cores, etc., always eat fruit. Nuclear, will food poisoning.

Presumably, for the fruit core, everyone knows more or less, especially apples. Many people say that the apple core is poisonous. Therefore, when eating, it is often avoided. This is correct. After testing, the seeds in apples are indeed a toxic ingredient, but because one person eats less, or in the near future, there are fewer apple seeds to eat, no food poisoning is also because the liver can detoxify, The kidneys can metabolize products, which are all defenses of the body.

In other words, if you really eat fruit nuclear poisoning, maybe you are eating too much. This is a person with particularly strong immunity to the body. If it is a person who has problems with liver detoxification, such as a person with liver disease, or a very sensitive gastrointestinal tract, a baby who is not fully developed may have a weaker ability to resist. There may be food poisoning.

And the core culprit of these fruit nucleus is “hydrocyanic acid”. When the cyanide in the core reacts with the potassium in the body, the reaction produces hydrogen cyanide. If there is a poisonous hydrogen cyanide poisoning, it will let some people breathe between breathing, or they will cover their mouth and nose, and there will be bitter almond flavor between the breath.

It is very obvious manifestation of hydrocyanic acid poisoning. If it is only mild poisoning, poisoning patients may have headaches, palpitations, nausea, vomiting and other reactions.

Therefore, for the fruit core, you really don’t want to eat it, and the almonds in the apricots and the peach kernels in the peaches are all unsafe foods. You should not try your best.

Then there is the skin of the fruit, should it should be eaten? In addition to the fruit core, many people find that the fruit skin is not safe. In a variety of fruits, especially those without hard outer skin, such as bananas, durians, peaches, apples and other skins are directly in contact with the outside world, in order to protect the fruit from being infected by eggs, not bitten by insects, It is possible to spray pesticides during the growth of the fruit.

But for such pesticides, you don’t have to worry, it is definitely within a reasonable range and it is very safe. If you don’t care, rinse it with running water for a few minutes or so, and it’s not harmful to your health.


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