“Summer first bean” was originally white lentils? Spleen and stomach, increase appetite, the effect of diet is quite a lot


Summer is a good season for eating beans, especially during the weight loss period. If you insist on eating beans for two weeks, your body will change significantly. With the increase of dietary fiber, it reduces body fat, enhances body immunity, and even has the effect of beauty.

But there are so many kinds of beans, red beans, mung beans, black beans, soybeans, kidney beans, cowpeas, white lentils, etc. Among them, who is more suitable for eating more in summer?

Today, the nutritionist in the explosion nutrition class will talk to you: “The first bean in summer” was originally white lentils? Strengthening the spleen, increasing appetite, and the therapeutic effect is quite a lot.

In fact, in the summer, everyone usually eats mung beans, and comes home from school to drink a bowl of iced honey mung bean soup, which is a wonderful childhood memories of many people. Mung bean is beneficial to the effects of dampness, detoxification and heat removal. It is really suitable for eating more in the summer.

Sweating in summer, many minerals in the body will be lost with sweat, and mung bean soup can provide sodium and potassium electrolytes, so it is the most suitable healthy drink for drinking after sweating in summer.

But if you just eat mung beans, it is too stupid, and eating white lentils in summer is also good. White lentils have the therapeutic effect of strengthening the spleen and nourishing the stomach and eliminating the heat and dehumidification.

White lentils are rich in nutrients, including protein, fat, sugar, calcium, phosphorus, iron and dietary fiber, vitamin A, and B vitamins. Especially the high cellulose content, containing more than 13 grams of cellulose per 100 grams of white lentils, is more than 6 times that of celery!

Intake of enough cellulose in the body can help to promote gastrointestinal motility, discharge intestinal toxins, and relieve constipation. Especially for friends who lose weight in summer, they should eat more.

Due to the high content of cellulose, diabetics can also eat some properly, or directly replace the fine grains such as white rice and white flour, which are faster in sugar sugar.

So how do white lentils be better in the summer?

The easiest way to eat is to eat porridge. Put the white lentils and glutinous rice, lotus seeds and red dates together to make porridge, which is very good for spleen and stomach. Pay attention to the porridge for a long time, let the white lentils stew softer and more convenient for the elderly to digest.

You can also use white lentils alone with hawthorn soup to drink, which will have a certain therapeutic effect on people with long-term fatigue and loose stools.


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