What changes will happen to people who regularly eat sugar? Can you afford it after reading it?


In daily life, sugar is pervasive. When you cook, you will use sugar, and all kinds of snacks will use sugar. Even when people drink water, they will put sugar, honey and brown sugar. But have you ever thought about the effect of sugar on the body? Let’s talk about sugar with everyone today.

Sugar is everywhere, and some people are even sugar-free. Taking sugar, which is very harmful in sugar, is currently recognized as a risk factor for dental caries. It is not only added to various snacks, but also in fruits. But the sucrose in fruits is far less high than artificially added.

The American Diabetes Association also stated that a large amount of sucrose can make endocrine disorder and increase blood sugar. No worse than the ability of starch to sucrose, this is the first kind of sugar change to be told. For healthy people, eating too much sugar will raise blood sugar, and excessive consumption will increase the risk of type 2 diabetes. For people with diabetes, regular consumption of sucrose will increase the risk of complications from diabetes.

The second type of sugar change is dental caries, especially carbonated drinks, which can contain up to 10% sugar. Even in the main sugar-free drinks, there are two kinds of ingredients, carbonic acid and phosphoric acid, which are enough to hurt the teeth. s surface. Increase the status of calculus, plaque, etc.

In a number of studies, it has been found that if a teenager drinks a large amount of carbonated beverages, the probability of suffering from dental caries can reach 50% or even higher. If you are born with a bad tooth, or a person with sensitive teeth, don’t drink a lot of carbonated drinks.

If you drink it once in a while, it is best to choose a sugar-free carbonated drink, drink it with a straw, and rinse your mouth after drinking to reduce the corrosion of the teeth caused by phosphoric acid and carbonic acid. Under normal circumstances, you can drink less if you drink less.

The third change is the psychology that affects people. For children whose minds are not very mature, they are likely to rely on sweets and appear partial eclipse. For adults, after a human experiment, it is also found that after eating sweets for a while, it will affect people’s psychology.

It creates an addictive situation that makes people’s moods moody, sometimes tempering because they don’t eat sweet food.


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