Why is the porridge cooked with mung beans “red”? Teach you to cook a bowl of clear green bean soup


In the hot summer, mung bean soup is a must-have for many families. The mung bean soup cooked is often red, and can even be called “red bean soup.” It is for this reason that there have been many tutorials on the Internet for cooking green mung bean soup.

  1. Why is it easy to turn green mung bean soup into red?

When cooking green bean soup, it is water quality. Tap water is often alkaline, and the hardness is relatively high, containing more calcium and magnesium ions.

Although such water does not endanger human health, under this condition, after the water encounters oxygen and metal ions, the polyphenol will undergo oxidation, polymerization and other reactions, and finally the mung bean soup will turn red.

2. What is the nutritional value of red mung bean soup?

Some people may think that the mung bean soup that it cooks is red or green, and it is not poisonous anyway. I think red is better for drinking.

The nutritionist in the Explosive Nutrition Class also admitted that everyone has their own opinions on the taste. Some people think that the red mung bean soup is delicious, which is understandable. The oxidation and polymerization of mung bean soup does not produce any toxic substances.

But the red mung bean soup will be greatly reduced in terms of nutrition, and people who care about health may be very concerned. When the polyphenolic substance is oxidized, it means that the antioxidant capacity of the mung bean soup also drops, which is arguably a considerable loss of nutrients.

3. How to avoid boiling red mung bean soup?

As mentioned earlier, the main reason for boiling red mung bean soup is because the water is alkaline. So to avoid this phenomenon, we can change the acidity and alkalinity of water. When cooking green bean soup, you can use pure water, or add a little lemon juice or white vinegar.

In addition, there is a possibility that the green bean soup will turn red, and everyone needs to pay special attention, that is, use the iron pot to cook green bean soup. In this way, it is very likely that iron ions will be dissolved and the mung bean soup will be discolored. Therefore, when cooking green bean soup, it is best to use stainless steel or ceramic pots to cook.

Finally, the nutritionist in the Explosive Nutrition Class reminds everyone to cover the lid when cooking the mung bean soup. The oxidation reaction of polyphenols requires the participation of oxygen. If we cover the lid and let the mung bean soup have no chance of encountering oxygen at all, then it is difficult to turn red.


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